IPTV/OTT midleware & set-top-boxes
List of functions and services of IPTV / OTT platform DREAM available to administrators

List of functions and services of IPTV / OTT platform DREAM available to administrators

  • Management of users and their devices (Accounts / devices management). Creation of subscription groups, assignment of the maximum number of subscriber devices, etc.
  • TV Channel Management – the ability to manage the list of TV channels (add / delete / edit). Setup of the main and additional signal sources. Grouping TV channels to form packages and tariff plans;
  • Management of video / audio on demand (VoD / AoD Management) – download video by type (movie \ serial \ audio), with the appointment of posters and descriptions;
  • Application Management – store with Java, JS and Android applications and games, video services, online cinemas, etc.
  • Management of the electronic program guide (EPG Management) – management of EPG sources, autoloading from the servers of EPG providers, import of xml files, the ability to manually create and edit the program via the DREAM administrator web interface;
  • Support of Multicast and Unicast streams;
  • Statistical reports – user behavioral analytics and the construction of statistical reports based on data on the use of services;
  • Tariff Management. Built-in tools, or through integration with external billing systems through an open API;
  • Management of pop-up messages and banners (Push Notifications and Banners Management) – the formation and sending of push messages and / or information banners to end users;
  • Virtual Operators Management – the ability to create and administer several independent virtual operators on one DREAM platform. Each virtual operator can have a separate administrator account for managing their own subscriber base, channels and tariffs. Each virtual operator can integrate their own billing server through an open API;
  • Technical Support of Remote Devices – the ability to connect the ACS server to interact with devices via the CWMP protocol (TR-069 specification), or through the mechanism of configuration files;
  • Server of Statistics and Analytics – the ability to connect the Database of the statistics server, for the collection and subsequent analysis of the most detailed user information;
  • Advertising Management – conducting broadcast advertising campaigns using the basic functionality of DREAM platform;
  • Themes, Skins and Personalization – the possibility of customization by the operator of the user interface. Customize name, logo, banner, loading screen, user interface color schemes, security settings, time and time zone, etc.