IPTV/OTT midleware & set-top-boxes
List of functions and services of IPTV / OTT platform DREAM available to subscribers

List of functions and services of IPTV / OTT platform DREAM available to subscribers

  • Live TV – viewing TV channels in real time;
  • Сatch up TV / TV archive – the ability to watch a missed program after it was broadcast. By “seamless” rewinding with the “fast forward” and “rewind back” keys, by means of the “slider gear”, through the EPG grid, and through the search system;
  • Start Over – a service that allows you to start watching any TV show from the beginning;
  • Time Shifted TV / Pause Live TV is a service that allows the subscriber to watch TV programs using the “pause” and “rewind” functionality;
  • Genres and Favorites – sorting channels by genre, and the ability to create your own list of favorite TV channels;
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) – the program guide of broadcasted channels;
  • Multi-Regional EPG – a TV program guide generated depending on the locations and timezone of subscribers and devices;
  • Video on Demand (VoD) is a video on demand service. Both own service for broadcasting films, series, audio tracks from own streamers. As well as integrated video services for GS Labs set-top boxes: Youtube and Youtube Kids, as well as online cinemas Megogo, ivi, Plex, TVzavr, Tvigle, More TV, etc.
  • Media player GS – the ability to view and / or listen to custom media files (photo, video, audio, documents) from external media (USB Flash, USB HDD / SSD, SD cards) or from connected local network resources using Server Message Block protocols (SMB) and Network File System (NFS);
  • Games and Education App – the ability to run games and other Android applications from the operator’s application store. On GS Labs STB based on Android, controlled by bluetooth gamepads;
  • Smart Home – the ability to connect sensors and smart devices, organize their work in accordance with the scenarios from the TV screen or mobile device;
  • Video surveillance (Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)) – the ability to connect home IP video cameras to organize home video surveillance to subscribers;
  • Parental Control – a parental control service that allows you to password-protect the list of channels, all TV channels, media player or individual integrated applications;
  • Digital video recording (DVR) is a service for recording Live broadcast on a subscriber device or external drive, for the possibility of subsequent viewing, including even after deleting programs from the TV archive;
  • Search and Recommendation System, which allows end-to-end search for content in different sources: Electronic program guide of channels, VoD library of the operator, Youtube, content of integrated online cinemas, app store, etc .
  • Integrated into GS STB Web browser – stable and fast web browser integrated into firmware of GS set-top boxes;
  • Pop-up messages (Push notifications) – the ability for subscriber devices to receive instant service notifications about events from the platform or personal messages from the operator;
  • Multilingualism – the ability to choose the language of audio and subtitles, EPG for multilingual TV channels and VoD;
  • Multiscreen – broadcasting content to any device, including set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, personal computers (up to 10 devices per subscriber);
  • Unified Interface – on all STB and Smart-TV. Fast and stable native shell on GS’s own subscriber devices. Thorough testing of firmware for devices from other manufacturers with a focus on performance and stability. The ability to select and replace the color theme of the menu for the end user;
  • Second Screen – the ability to pause viewing in a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet, and continue it from the pause point on the connected GS Labs STB.