IPTV/OTT midleware & set-top-boxes
Briefly about the IPTV / OTT platform DRE Advanced Media Platform (formerly Stingray Stream).

Briefly about the IPTV / OTT platform DRE Advanced Media Platform (formerly Stingray Stream).

GS Labs introduces the DRE Advanced Media (DREAM) Platform for interactive television services. GS Labs is a Russian developer. Represented on the interactive television market since 2007 as part of the largest Russian media holding GS group, which has been operating in the field of television technologies since 1991.

DRE Advanced Media (DREAM) Platform – IPTV / OTT platform (middleware) for video and game content distribution. Flexibility and scalability are important characteristics of our solution, which allow us to offer it to various customers: Internet providers, telecom operators, content providers, video services, etc. In hotels, restaurants, public places, transport. High quality and safe. Creative and innovative.

We not only implement standard services such as Live / Time Shifted TV, VоD, TV archive, but also provide a number of unique services that increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of our clients. Such as the:

  • The App store is a unique functionality that allows you to administer (add to subscriptions, sell separately, provide for free) not only channels and video content, but also applications for set-top boxes based on Android: video services, games, social applications, etc.
  • Smart Home management. Connection of services “Video Surveillance” and “Smart Home” in cloud and offline modes, management of these services on the TV screen and in applications.
  • DREPlus ultra-secure built-in authorization protection and DRM encryption, approved by the leading copyright holders and providers of premium channels and video content.
  • Multilingual, i.e. support for Russian, English and other languages ​​in the administrator interface, user interfaces on devices and in applications, support for multilingual streams, audio tracks and subtitles.

The DREAM platform has a high degree of readiness, for quick deployment and configuration, which allows to launch projects in the shortest possible time. The functionality and performance of the platform have been repeatedly confirmed by implemented projects in Russia and in the world. The total number of active users using the platform exceeds 2 million subscribers.

DREAM is a completely independent solution with an open API that allows you to integrate the platform with other services already existing in the client’s network: billing platforms, streamers, transcoders, CDN solutions, etc. At the same time, the presence of such services is not at all necessary. In the extended version, the platform includes everything that needed for a full-fledged IPTV/OTT operator.

The solution also supports a unified interface for all STBs, Smart TVs and mobile devices. The platform works with the following subscriber devices:

  • Linux-based STB: GSL Bullfinch (GS H5912), GSL Raven (GS С592).
  • STB based on Android: GSL Eagle (GS С593), as well as any devices with OS version 4.2 and higher.
  • Smart TV: Samsung (Tizen OS), LG (WebOS), Sony (AndroidTV), Philips (AndroidTV), etc .
  • Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets: Android, iOS.
  • Web application for PCs and laptops based on Windows, Linux, MacOS.

The list of equipment and solutions supported by GS Labs is constantly expanding.