GS Labs signed an agreement with the Britishcopyright holder FlixU to distribute VoD content
GS Labs signed an agreement with the Britishcopyright holder FlixU to distribute VoD content

GS Labs signed an agreement with the Britishcopyright holder FlixU to distribute VoD content

The GS Labs Research and Development Center (part of the GS Group holding) and  FLIXU signed an agency agreement. Under which GS Labs will provide support for the sale of licensed VoD content (Video on Demand) to users of the DREAM IPTV/OTT platform.

FlixU owns the rights to 3,000 films and 900 music documentaries and concerts, as well as 10,000 audio tracks. All content is worldwide licensed. We offer biographies, TV programs and concerts of the world’s most popular musicians. Among them are Adele, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Whitney Houston and many others. Our collection includes films of all time with the greatest actors: Jim Carrey, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Jackie Chan, etc. We also offer sports series dedicated to such stars as Lionel Messi, LeBron James, Muhammad Ali.

Gary Samuel
Vice president of FlixU, which has been in the industry for over 20 years with vast experience in content marketing and VOD/OTT solutions all over the globe.

The company has rights in the following areas:  VOD, Web, Mobile, OTT, Free/Pay TV, Hotels, Cable/Sat, Trains, Ships, Inflight, Streamers/STB/TV apps. FlixU can offer its content to customers anywhere in the world. Its delivery and distribution will now be available to operators using the hybrid IPTV / OTT platform DREAM, developed by GS Labs. The product uses DREPlus DRM encryption and integrates with a wide variety of client applications and devices.

Our clients from among the operators of interactive television have repeatedly asked whether they can also receive content for it along with the IPTV/OTT platform DREAM. Cooperation with FlexU is one of the first steps towards a turnkey platform. We will be able to support any type of video on demand monetization that will be of interest to the operator: FVoD (Free Video on Demand, free of charge and without advertising); AVoD (Advertising Video on Demand, with display of advertising inserts); SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand, for a periodic subscription); TVoD (Transactional Video on Demand, rental of a specific video for a limited period); EST (Electronic Sell-Through, purchase of an electronic copy). It should be borne in mind that some options require integration with an advertising platform or operator’s billing.

Denis Danilov
Head of IPTV/OTT solutions at GS Labs

TV operators and ISP can test the platform’s VoD capabilities right now. It allows check possibilityes of operating with public content, trailers and promo videos. DREAM platform include stack of applications of mobile platforms (Android, Android TV, iOS, Apple TV) and for Smart TV (Samsung, LG). It is also available on GS Labs STB: GSL Raven and GSL Eagle. Recently, GS Labs developers have presented a web-application for organizing online movie theaters with video on demand. It supports browsers Apple Safari (v8 + for MacOS and for iOS v 11.2+), Microsoft Edge (Windows OS 10+), Mozilla Firefox (v47 + for Mac & Windows), Opera (v31 +), Yandex browser. Thus, subscribers of the DREAM platform can now connect to it from any personal computers, laptops and netbooks running with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

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