DRM DREPlus officially registered at Rospatent and audited by Сartesian

The DREPlus Digital Rights Management System (DRM DREPlus) software was created by the GS Labs research and development center (member of GS Group holding). This DRM successfully passed state registration of computer programs and databases at the Federal Intellectual Property Service (Rospatent).

DRM DREPLUS – a proprietary digital rights management system developed by GS Labs. It is used to control access to IPTV / OTT life broadcasts, video on demand and other digital products, as well as to protect digital counterparts. Previously, the product also passed the Farncombe Security Audit in the internationally recognized independent auditor of the encryption systems Cartesian . This audit includes products of almost all recognized leaders in the field of cryptography and encryption.

The system supports a wide range of client devices, including IPTV set-top boxes based on Linux and Android, mobile phones, tablets and televisions of various manufacturers, WiFi routers, as well as various devices of the GS Smart Home ecosystem. The total number of active IPTV/OTT/SMARTHOME devices protected by the DRM DREPlus encryption system at the time of publication is more than 2,500,000 units.

“The inclusion of DRM DREPLUS digital rights management system in the Rospatent database is an important step towards creating the Russian information security infrastructure. Our DRM DREPLUS solution guarantees the secure management of digital product rights and the reliable protection of the interests of content producers, broadcasters and end users. ”

Maxim Samsonov
First Deputy CEO of GS Labs

DRM DREPLUS software product can also be used to protect third-party applications, including to ensure security when organizing video encryption.

The registration number of the DRM DREPLUS software product is 2020613843 dated 03/23/2020.

Source: https://telesputnik.ru

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