Contest “Construct the Future” continues
Contest “Construct the Future” continues

Contest “Construct the Future” continues

The Contest “Design the Future” to create a device for a smart home continues. The competition for students of technical universities, young professionals, engineers and startups, announced on April 15 by the GS Labs Research and Development Center, has already gone beyond Russia. For the first month of the qualifying round, applications came from six federal districts of the Russian Federation, as well as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Submit new ideas possible until July 11, 2021.

The three best projects will share a prize fund of over 1.7 million rubles (~22 666 USD). To get ahead of the competition and become one of the finalists, all contenders must complete two online qualifying stages. Now, in the midst of the first round, participants need to register on the site of the competition, come up with an idea for a device and send a description of it in accordance with the terms of reference of the competition. The second round will start on July 26 and run until October 17. Contestants will have to assemble a working prototype. For this, the organizers will provide the necessary components *. In the final, which will take place on November 18, the participants will present their devices to an expert jury.

You can participate in the competition individually or in a team. The authors of the best projects will receive cash prizes: first place – 1,000,000 rubles (~13 333 USD), second place – 500,000 rubles (~6 666 USD), third – 200,000 rubles (~2 666 USD) **.

According to the terms of the competition, the device created by the participants must be integrated via the ZigBee wireless protocol into the DREHOME & TV Smart Home system. The system was developed by GS Labs and registered with Rospatent. Now it integrates LED lamps, overhead sockets, alarms, built-in switches, sensors for opening, movement, leakage, temperature, humidity, smoke, gas, panic buttons, security consoles and other monitoring and control devices. But this is far from the limit of its functionality.

“I recommend not to read the description of the types of ZigBee devices before working out an idea. Create something new by relying on ZigBee as a data transfer tool, not a rigidly formalized template. The task of our “Smart Home DREHOME & TV” system is to improve the life of every person, allowing him to free him from part of the household routine. And every detail is designed to save time – the most valuable resource. Therefore, participation in our competition is, among other things, a contribution to the future. The system is unique in that it implies unlimited development potential. Each new detail improves the quality of life of the user. For example, a well-developed system of scripts allows the user, using the designer, to create any scenarios of use, limited only by his imagination. “

Maxim Uvarenkov
Software Engineer GS Labs

GS Labs together with the partner of the competition – the company “EFO” will hold a free webinar “ZigBee Intensive” on June 10. Students will master the Silicon Labs development environment and learn how to quickly equip their device with a ZigBee interface. For news about the webinar and other activities related to the competition, you can follow the Telegram channel

The Construct the Future competition is one of GS Labs’ social initiatives. It aims to popularize hardware engineering in Russia and maintain interest in technology and science. Through the competition, the organizers want to find talented developers and help them realize their ideas. Among other initiatives of the company is the Program the Future competition, in which students created applications for the domestic software platform StingrayTV. Last year, the participants included university students from many regions of Russia: from St. Petersburg to Surgut.

* Components and reimbursement of expenses are provided in the manner specified in the Competition Regulations.
** The amount of cash prizes is indicated before personal income tax deduction.

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