All-Russian competition “Design the Future” for the development of a device for a smart home
All-Russian competition “Design the Future” for the development of a device for a smart home

All-Russian competition “Design the Future” for the development of a device for a smart home

The GS Labs Research and Development Center is now accepting applications for the “Construct the Future” All-Russian Competition. Participants are offered the develop device for a smart home through integration into the Smart Home DREHOME & TV. The prize fund is over 1.7 million rubles (~22 666 USD).

The format of the competition involves two online qualifying stages and the final defense of projects in front of an expert jury. The first round will run until July 11, 2021. Within three months, participants need to come up with a concept of new device of the Smart Home DREHOME & TV, register and submit an application. In application, you need to describe the project in accordance with the terms of reference, tell in detail about the purpose, main characteristics, and the mechanism of work.

Up to 9 teams will be able to qualify for the second round. The result of the contestants’ work at this stage will be a device for a smart home, which, according to the terms of reference, must be integrated into the Smart Home DREHOME & TV system via the ZigBee protocol. The organizer will provide each team with a controller and REST API for device integration, as well as reimbursement of costs to prototype construction. The competitor can also design an interface to control of the device.

The final competition will be held in November 2021. Its format will depend on the epidemiological situation in the country. At the final stage, the contestants must present a working prototype of the device declared in the first round and defend it in front of the jury. When evaluating projects, along with the elaboration, economy and relevance of the concept, its originality and social significance will be taken into account. Based on the results of the presentations, three best works will be selected. Each winning team will receive cash prizes: first place – 1,000,000 rubles (~13 333 USD), second place – 500,000 rubles (~6 666 USD), third – 200,000 rubles (~2 666 USD).

“The Contest “Design the Future” is an excellent chance to bring unique innovations in the field of hardware engineering to life and in a short period of time to go from a concept to a finished competitive product. On the basis of the competition, we want to form a platform for creating and discussing solutions for a smart home. Our goal is to find talented developers, help them implement their projects and maintain an interest in technology and science. We will be glad to see both experienced specialists and beginners among the participants. We are waiting for bold ideas with national and international potential. We are sure that for the contestants it will be more than a competition. You will be able to work with like-minded people, establish professional contacts, acquire new skills and compete for cash prizes.”

Maxim Samsonov
First Deputy General Director of GS Labs

“Smart House DREHOME & TV” system, used to create a devices for the contest, developed by GS Labs’ own development, registered with Rospatent. It is a complete turnkey solution that enables wireless management of your home infrastructure. “Smart Home DREHOME & TV” is available as an additional service provided by operators of paid DVB / IPTV / OTT-TV, operator of mobile, fixed satellite broadband access, developers and management companies of housing and communal services. “Smart House DREHOME & TV” also integrated with IPTV/OTT platform DREAM as part of union ecosystem.

The system is controlled via a digital IPTV set-top box, Wi-Fi router or Smart Home DREHOME & TV controller via the ZigBee wireless protocol. Supported smart peripherals DREHOME & TV include LED lamps, plug-on sockets, alarms, built-in switch, sensors for opening, movement, leakage, temperature, humidity, smoke, gas, panic buttons, security remotes and other monitoring and control devices.

You can read the full rules of participation and register on the competition website.

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